Why FortifyData?

Easily comply with standards​

Compliance with cyber security standards is a must for growing companies. Similarly, large multinationals must ensure their vendors don’t become a liability. Whether you are in health care, finance, manufacturing, retail or infrastructure, chances are your company keeps track of a lot of sensitive data. This includes anything from social security numbers, bank accounts, payments systems, health records, drivers’ licenses, business plans, patents and other sensitive materials. Our best-in-class Cyber Security Platform ensures that this data is protected and up to date with the latest industry standards.​

Control your security assessment process

FortifyData provides you with a configurable level of analysis. Guided by our experts, you control your visibility into the complex world of cyber security. This means you have the ability to control your risk exposure; monitoring and mitigating those cyber security risks that apply to your company and third-party vendors.

Fix issues as they arise

As a business owner, you don’t just want to know your risk exposure, you want to be able to fix any issue you have. FortifyData provides you with an in-depth analysis of every vulnerability we discover, and, importantly, with concrete action items to address and remediate the issues we found

Save money & time

Most businesses deal with a variety of IT consultants and vendors to help navigate the world of cyber security.

Our comprehensive Cyber Security Platform consolidates your security, compliance and risk management initiatives, helping you save both time and money.

Today over 60% of companies experience data breaches, and this number is rapidly rising. As hackers become more and more sophisticated, IT departments are struggling to keep up. Hackers target intellectual property, employee data like social security numbers and drivers’ licenses, bank accounts, accounting, health records and other sensitive materials.

Improved vendor assessment.

More than 60% of all data breaches are directly linked to third-party vendors. Historically, it used to take weeks, if not months, to assess these vendors. No longer. With the FortifyData Platform, you’ll be able to onboard and assess vendors in a matter of hours. Importantly, we go far beyond the usual infrastructure and IT security checks to give you a complete picture of risk exposure.

Over 95% of bigger
companies now require
adherence to strict security standards, which can be
industry or firm specific.

Continuous monitoring of your risk exposure.​

While a snapshot of your cyber security posture is helpful, your company’s threat landscape is ever evolving. FortifyData’s comprehensive cyber security platform analyzes and assesses thousands of risk factors, looking across the people/process/compliance and technology spectrum of your digital presence. We provide daily monitoring, so that whenever an issue is identified, we’ll notify you to help protect your business.

FortifyData is a cyber security software company that helps enterprises of all sizes assess, identify and manage their cyber security posture.  FortifyData’s best-in-class cyber risk scoring platform tracks performance against key risk indicators  throughout an organization and allowing businesses to easily comply with industry security standards and regulations, including PCI, HIPAA, SOC 2, ISO 27001, NIST, 23NYC500 and others.

FortifyData analyzes the three pillars of cyber security; people, process and technology to provide the most holistic visibility of risk exposure. 

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