Vendor Risk Management

Assess and monitor your critical vendors/service providers

Vendor On-Boarding Process

Businesses that share data with vendors or service providers inherit the risks of the vendors. Ensuring the vendors demonstrate adequate data protection controls is critical especially if the vendors providing core business functions or have access to non-public confidential information. Completing a vendor due diligence during the initial vetting stage is not enough to determine the true risks associated with the vendor.

We provide clear visibility into vendor cyber risks typically undiscovered by other risk analysis processes. Our platform will help you identify vendors with better security controls for protecting your critical assets

Vendor Risk Monitoring

Keeping track of current vendor risks is important to protecting your assets. Performing annual security reviews is insufficient to monitoring the security posture of your vendors. The capability to understand how your vendor’s risks impact your company’s business risks is important and should be reviewed on on a ongoing basis.

The FortifyData cyber risk scoring platform allows businesses to track and monitor newly discovered vendor risks that can impact your business. This allows you to ensure your vendors maintain adequate levels of security throughout the relationship

Monitor Vendor Risks in Real-Time

Assess Vendors Before On-Boarding

Gain access to cyber risks of your prospective vendors prior to establishing a formal relationship. The cyber risk score of your vendors presents you with the necessary insight required to determine the level of security controls the vendor is subject to leveraging for safeguarding your company’s sensitive data. Vendors who take security seriously will be reflected in their scores, demonstrating assurance of adequate cybersecurity controls.

Monitor Vendor Risks in Real-Time

Monitor Your Vendors Score

Ongoing monitoring of vendor risks is important to business risks. The ability to access vendor vulnerabilities and security gaps in real-time which present potential security impacts to your business is highly important. You can collaborate with your vendors to ensure on-time remediation in alignment with your policies for all identified security issues.

Monitor Vendor Risks in Real-Time
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