Internal Risk Assessments

Your Challenge

Although external risk assessments provide a general view of risk exposure with publicly accessible resources, it does not provide complete visibility of risks. Many security practitioners do not have the resources to identify internal risks associated with end-user computing devices, operating system security issues on hosts or event insider threats. These hidden risks could present new layers of unaccounted threats. CISOs and risk managers are unable to perform comprehensive assessments based on the following:

  • First-generation products only focus on internet-facing or network related risks
  • Challenges ingesting internal threat event data into a risk management solution
  • Time spent on outdated and manual risk assessment methods
  • Inability to quantify and justify risk metrics
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Our Solution

The FortifyData platform provides the most comprehensive view of cyber security risk across all resources, both external and internal. This enables CISOs and risk managers to view risk holistically and continuously through automated assessments of threat events associated with:

  • End-user devices
  • Operating systems
  • Databases
  • Malicious insiders 
  • Negligent users

You are now able to manage your organization’s risk profile with the most comprehensive visibility of risk exposure.

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