External Risk Assessments

Your Challenge

Only 40% of organizations perform risk assessments and typically only once a year. As the threat landscape evolves, so does your risk exposure. The inability to understand your organization’s evolving risk profile gives a higher probably of an unforeseen threat becoming a reality. 

Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) or other security executives/managers are responsible for helping your organization identify and manage risks, however they need to be equipped with the right product to proactively identify and accurately present risks for making better informed security investment decisions. Some common risk management challenges reported by CISOs are listed as, but not limited to:

  • Lack of visibility on exposed threat events tied to the organization
  • Time spent on outdated and manual risk assessment methods
  • Lack of resources to properly quantify risks based on potential threat events
  • Inability to quantify and justify risk metrics
  • Lack of alignment with industry risk management frameworks
External Risk Assessments

Our Solution

The FortifyData platform empowers Chief Information Security Officers and other risk management executives with the only solution for identifying, assessing and quantifying cyber security risks accurately. Using a combination of industry frameworks, such as NIST RMF and our automated A.I.-based cyber risk scoring engine, your organization can now understand its most up-to-date risk profile as its threat landscape changes based on newly implemented systems, changes with existing technologies, remote devices and access to networks. 

External Risk Assessments