Complete Cyber Risk Management Solutions

Cyber Risk Management means that your organization is evaluating potential threats from every aspect of the threat profile. With the FortifyData Cyber Risk Management Platform you can evaluate the major areas of business threat that could be impacted by a cyber attack. These solutions include industry compliance, third party integration and operations.

Industry Compliance

FortifyData’s best-in-class cyber risk scoring platform tracks performance against key risk indicators throughout an organization and allowing businesses to easily comply with industry security standards and regulations, including PCI, HIPAA, SOC 2, ISO 27001, NIST, 23NYC500 and others.

Industry Compliance Third-Party Integration

Like all businesses compliance is a burden. That burden is lessened by having a single platform with included compliance frameworks. By using FortifyData as your cyber risk management platform, you can reduce spend on compliance by as much as 50%.

Continuous Monitoring

While a snapshot of your cyber security posture is helpful, your company’s threat landscape is ever evolving. FortifyData’s comprehensive cyber security platform analyzes and assesses thousands of risk factors, looking across the people, process, compliance and technology spectrum of your digital presence. We provide daily monitoring, so that whenever an issue is identified, we’ll notify you to help protect your business.

These solution areas offer you the ability to evaluate, monitor, remediate, and improve your cyber risk posture. With FortifyData risk is about more than a score it is about a 360 degree, continual evaluation of your risk posture.

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Our Features

FortifyData’s Cyber Risk Management Platform uses advanced monitoring technology to help you assess all pillars of cyber security: human risk, processes and technology. We analyze your risk exposure across thousands of unique data points, allowing users to select security relevant data feeds based on the level of insight needed for risk management and compliance. Our dashboard provides you with an intuitive, updated view of your cyber security posture, giving you an accurate insight into the potential threats to your data and IT infrastructure.

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Our Solution Packages

We believe that every company, regardless of size, deserves the cyber security that FortifyData can provide. That is why we have developed a series of packages that provide tailored services for every size company. From simply providing external scoring to executing an ongoing cyber risk assessment, FortifyData has the solution to meet your cyber security requirements.

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