The FortifyData Cyber Risk Management Platform

With FortifyData’s Cyber Risk Management Platform, your cyber security score is just the beginning. Through our cyber risk management dashboard, you can see the most accurate cyber security score in the industry, based on an up to the minute third party assessment of your business, an in depth evaluation of your systems and processes, and an in-depth evaluation of your human assets to continually determine EVERY cyber risk to your business.





With FortifyData’s Cyber Risk Management Platform you can automate the evaluation of and continuously monitor all of your assets to determine your of cyber risk posture. FortifyData can act as the single platform to manage your entire cyber risk process.

Third Party

Your business is only as safe as partners. Cyber attacks on your partners means a potential loss of your critical data or even worse a disruption of vital resources. Knowing these risks and collaborating with partners in real-time to correct them is critical to managing cyber risk.

Technology & Processes

Threats and vulnerabilities on external and Internal systems, including security flaws with processes for managing those systems represent points of entry for hackers. To understand these vulnerabilities companies need to evaluate and constantly monitor their outward facing systems and processes, from the outside looking in – just like a hacker.


Your security is only as good as the security of each and every individual in your business. Employees often expose their companies to cyber risk without even knowing by having information exposed on the Dark Web and through phishing schemes. Knowing and reacting to these threats are imperative to manage cyber risk.

Key Features In The Platform


Configurable Scoring Model​

FortifyData is the only configurable cyber risk analysis and scoring platform in the market, allowing users to select security categories based on the level of insight needed for risk management and compliance with industry standards.


Web Application Security Assessment

Web application attacks are a leading cause of data breaches. We allow companies to safely manage and develop applications by providing security assessments of application specific vulnerabilities, such as cross-site scripting (XSS), misconfigurations, broken authentication, and more.


IP Reputation and Threat Assessment

We continually monitor your company’s IP addresses for threats. We determine IP addresses that have been blacklisted, or associated with malware, trojans or other malicious connections. Through this process, we’re able to identify IP addresses that are linked to botnet traffic within your network which are communicating with a command and control server.


Dark Web Intelligence

Our proprietary intelligence feeds alert clients when information has been compromised, either directly or through a third-party entity. Through continuous scanning of files and databases across social media, un-indexed, and transient deep web sites, we’re able to alert you of exposed company records, including leaked information, stolen credentials and confidential documents.


Human Risk Factor

FortifyData includes metrics on employee security awareness. Through our automated phishing simulations and progress tracking, we assess the susceptibility of your workforce to cyber attacks. In addition, we help train your employees and any contractors to improve security awareness.


Regulatory Compliance Assessment

We help assess your level of compliance with industry cyber security standards, such as PCI, HIPAA, SOC 2, ISO 27001, NIST, 23NYC500, and any other customer standards. We also offer you recommendations on how to remediate and address any gaps in compliance.


Asset Detection and Geo-Location Tracking

FortifyData automatically identifies and locates all assets tied to your organization, offering you complete visibility, whether within your own premises or in the cloud. We allow you to intelligently classify the risk associated with an asset, based on the sensitivity and type of data stored, processed or transmitted.


Infrastructure Security Assessment

We conduct a full vulnerability assessment of your internal and external infrastructure.​These are non-intrusive type of scans that send transmissions to the network’s nodes, uncovering weaknesses a potential hacker would spot. This scan provides insight on a company’s infrastructure security risks, allowing you to quickly and accurately identify, investigate, and prioritize vulnerabilities and misconfigurations.


Third-Party Risk Management

FortifyData offers you a full, transparent view into your third-party risk ecosystem, allowing you to prioritize your resources and target vendors with the highest cyber risk. We provide you with complete assessment of potential and existing vendors on an ongoing basis. We also provide you with an easy-to-use vendor collaboration feature that allows you to quickly fix issues as they arise.