Cyber Risk of Potential Partners

Assess the cyber risk posture of potential sellers

Gain Cyber Risk Insights for Acquisition Analysis

Mergers and Acquisitions is a highly sensitive activity that requires experts across many disciplines to completely vet a target company. There are a number of well-established metrics that form a baseline to assess the overall financial risk and potential ROI of an acquisition or merger. Undisclosed data breaches in 2013 and 2014 impacted the acquisition of Yahoo by Verizon and reduced the value of the sale by $350 million.

Assessing a potential partner’s cybersecurity posture using our scoring platform provides actionable insight that assists with identifying security issues for validation purposes.

More Than a Checklist

One area of due diligence that suffers from a lack of metrics or standardized approach is the technical assessment of cyber risks for businesses. Security questionnaire do not have the automated validation of current security flaws, allowing undiscovered vulnerabilities to potentially fall through the cracks and result in unforeseen liabilities or increased exposure.

Using our effective threat intelligence and risk monitoring capabilities, you can gain clear visibility of a company’s security cyber risks undiscovered by traditional due diligence methods.

Cyber Risk Data for M&A

FortifyData arms potential buyers and investors with the critical cyber risk data needed to ensure that the valuation of a pending acquisition or merger is not diminished. FortifyData collects 1000’s of data points to accurately assess and document the entire cyber risk exposure, including any undetected breaches and generate a cyber security “risk score” and then continuously monitor for any changes. FortifyData will also detect and monitor any risks or exposure associated with third party interactions, including; suppliers, SaaS applications and cloud based services.

Cyber Risk Data for M&A
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