At FortifyData we are proud to be able to provide our customers, in every size business, with a complete cyber risk management platform. We believe that it is imperative that we help our customers protect themselves for what has become the single biggest security threat to their businesses–cyber crime!

We are passionate about protecting our customers and here’s why:

… and the worst part is these cyber attacks can cost businesses millions of dollars and in some cases shut them down permanently.

How can we help you?

FortifyData delivers a SaaS Cyber Risk Management platform that constantly monitors your business, by evaluating cyber risks from external factors like third parties, and internal factors like systems, controls, processes and even your own employees. These insights help:

  • Prioritize your spending of your limited IT budget, and help ensure you are as protected from cyber crime as possible.
  • Ensure compliance with SOC2, PCI and other regulatory frameworks required of your business. And when it’s time for an audit, reduce the cost of the audit by already having your house in order.
  • Reduce insurance premiums by showing cyber liability underwriters that you are in control of your IT infrastructure and have a strong risk management program in place.

Companies like these are addressing cyber risk management with FortifyData

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Small and Medium Sized Businesses

We believe that all businesses of all sizes deserve to be protected from cyber crime. And when ransomware strikes, it can do more than disrupt your business—it could be an event your business cannot recover from.

Your business may not be big enough to have a CISO, or a dedicated risk manager, or perhaps even an IT manager who can adequately handle your compliance requirements. But that doesn’t mean that you don’t face a lot of risks. Cyber criminals are not just going after the big companies. They are coming after you.

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Large Enterprises

Your organization is at war with cyber criminals, and has been for years. Your CISO, and his or her staff, are constantly monitoring and assessing threats facing your critical infrastructure.  But what about your vendors and partners? They likely cannot afford the level of sophistication your organization has to counter such cyber security threats.

Existing third-party management solutions automate surveys and replace spreadsheets, which saves time, but inherently does not provide continuous and enhanced understanding of the risks you face from third-parties being compromised.

FortifyData takes your third-party risk management program to the next level by:

Proactively Evaluate Key Vendors

  • Gain full, transparent view into your third-party risk ecosystem
  • Perform various levels of assessments and set risk tolerance
  • Focus assessments on third party applications that your enterprise leverages

Collaborate to Close Critical Risk Areas

  • Engage third-parties to mitigate risks on systems specific to servicing your organization
  • Provide a platform for third-parties to proactively manage their risks

Monitor Ongoing Risk Posture

  • Set risk tolerance thresholds based on acceptance level
  • Instantly receive notifications on newly identified threats across critical vendors
customers of fortifydata

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