Business Cyber Risk

Assess your cyber risk posture and receive real-time alerts on identified issues.

Business Impact of a Data Breach

For a minimal investment in hardware and software, cyber criminals can reap immense profits from selling stolen data or cyber extortion. From data breaches to ransom ware, the annual global cost to businesses is an estimated $500 billion in direct damages and post-attack disruptions. Beyond the impact to the bottom line, there are also intangible costs including; corporate reputation, intellectual property theft, consumer and partner goodwill and lawsuits

The benefits of monitoring your cybersecurity posture through our scoring platform will help your business justify security resources expenses based on the potential impact of experiencing a data breach.

Addressing Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities

All Businesses are susceptible to attack attacks of which only a few realize it. Simply implementing cyber security for infrastructure and applications will not lessen the probability of a successful attack. With a constantly evolving threat landscape, many organizations lack the security resources to detect, monitor and report every threat and the risk they present. Current cyber risk solutions have proven to be insufficient in assessing critical aspects of a company’s environment.

Using our effective threat intelligence and risk monitoring capabilities, you can maintain a proactive approach instead reactive while handling your business cybersecurity issues.

Track and Monitor Your Business Cyber Risk Score

FortifyData cyber risk scoring platform will help your businesses determine its cybersecurity and third-party risk exposure in order for you to make better risk management decisions. Our goal is to provide your business with a cybersecurity risk solution to understand and manage, report and track risk profiles through a simple user interface.

Track and Monitor Your Business Cyber Risk Score

In support of understanding of your company’s cyber risk score, our security consultants are readily available to guide you with understanding your score and ways you may improve the score through risk mitigating processes. Our consultants have deep technical background and experience with a commitment to quality of service. They hold numerous certifications, including CISSP, CISM, CEH, CISA, PCIP and other countless technology-focused certifications.

Track and Monitor Your Business Cyber Risk Score
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