Your cyber security score is a small part of the story.

FortifyData’s cyber risk management platform evaluates your technology, people, processes and partners.


Prioritize It Now Or Pay Later

The question most organizations ask is: How can I afford to continuously identify cyber risks throughout my organization.The answer is simple: You have to automate, because that’s what your adversary is doing today. You need to know your cyber security posture, typically surfaced in a score, but you also need to constantly improve your ability to stop threats. FortifyData delivers a complete cyber risk management platform to allow you to continually defend your organization from ransomware and other forms cyber-attacks. Protect yourself from vulnerabilities from third-parties, internal systems and processes and even your employees.

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A 360 Degree View of Cyber Security Risk Exposure

Third Party

Your business is only as safe as your partners. Cyber attacks on your partners mean a potential loss of your critical data or worse, a disruption of vital resources. Knowing these risks and collaborating with partners in real-time to correct them is critical to managing cyber risk.

Technology & Processes

Threats and vulnerabilities on external and internal systems, including security flaws with processes for managing those systems represent points of entry for hackers. To understand these vulnerabilities companies need to evaluate and constantly monitor their outward facing systems and processes, from the outside looking in – just like a hacker.


Your security is only as good as the security of each and every individual in your business. Employees often unknowingly expose their companies to cyber risk by having information exposed on the Dark Web and through phishing schemes. Knowing and reacting to these threats are imperative to manage cyber risk.


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