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Protect Your Data From Hackers

Whether you’re looking to manage risk from third party vendors, comply with industry security standards, or just simply protect your data, we’ve got you covered.

Our FortifyScore™ provides you with a quick snapshot of how you rank on the key components of cyber security:  human risk factors, compliance, processes and infrastructure.

Once we assess your cyber risk posture, our platform continuously monitors your ever changing threat landscape, so you see vulnerabilities before hackers do.

Comply with industry security standards

Our Solutions

Scoring Model​

Select security categories based on the level of insight you need.

Compliance Assessment

Address any gaps in compliance with our recommendations.

Web Application
Security Assessment

Conduct security assessments of application specific vulnerabilities.

Asset Detection and
Geo-Location Tracking

Automatically identify and locate all assets tied to your organization.

IP Reputation and
Threat Assessment

Continuously monitor and protect your company’s IP addresses.

Security Assessment

Assess the vulnerability of your internal and external infrastructure.

Web Intelligence

Immediately know when your information is compromised.

Risk Management

Gain full visibility into your third-party ecosystem.

Risk Factor

Measure and improve employee security awareness.

3rd Party Risk Management

FortifyData offers you a full, transparent view into your third-party ecosystem, allowing you to prioritize your resources and target vendors with the highest cyber risk. We provide you with complete assessment of potential and existing vendors within hours. We also provide you with the historical breach records of your business partners and vendors, and an easy-to-use vendor collaboration feature that allows you to quickly fix issues as they arise.

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Why Fortifydata

  • Easily comply with standards.
  • Control your security assessment process.
  • Fix issues as they arise.
  • Save money & time.
  • Improved vendor assessment.
  • Continuous monitoring of your risk exposure.

Our Partners

FortifyData is a cyber security software company that helps enterprises of all sizes assess, identify and manage their cyber security posture.  FortifyData’s best-in-class cyber risk scoring platform tracks performance against key risk and compliance factors, allowing companies to comply with industry security standards, including PCI, HIPAA, SOC 2, ISO 27001, NIST, 23NYC500 and other customer specific standards.

FortifyData analyzes the three pillars of cyber security; people, process and technology to help clients safely grow their business.  More information at

Fortifydata Global,
125 TownPark Drive,
Suite 300,
Kennesaw, GA 30144
US: +1 888-396-4110
EU: +31 20 708 45 52